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Why API Newbies?

API Newbies is THE resource for learning about (using) REST APIs. Whether you’re a new dev who’s just getting started, or a more experienced dev who wants to build integrations faster and more efficiently — you’re in the right place!

API Newbies was born out of my ❤ for devs and a desire to share the knowledge that’s served me so well through the years. Designed to provide practical, no-nonsense guidance that’ll help you build REST API integrations quickly and efficiently, it focuses on four key areas:

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API Newbies is exclusively about using REST APIs and the information provided here is language-agnostic — i.e., this information is relevant and useful no matter what programming language you’re using. This site does not:

  • Teach you how to create APIs.
  • Teach you how to code in specific languages like Python, JavaScript, etc.
  • Provide guidance about using other types of APIs like SOAP APIs, RPC APIs, etc.
  • Explain the minutia of internet protocols or delve into the technical aspects of how APIs work “under the covers.”

Save yourself time and frustration!

Software development languages come and go, but APIs are here to stay. Do your future self a favor by mastering the fundamentals of using REST APIs, and learning about tools, best practices, and support resources that’ll make creating integrations a breeze. What are you waiting for?! Choose one of the following areas and dive right in:

Kim Brandl profile pictureI’m Kim Brandl — developer advocate, tech educator, founder of API Newbies — and I ❤ devs! I’m a top contributor on Stack Overflow, a teacher at heart, and love explaining complex concepts in simple, understandable terms.


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