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Become an Expert at using APIs

Software languages come and go, but APIs are here to stay!

{API} newbies

Welcome to THE resource for learning about using REST APIs. Whether you’re a new dev who’s just getting started, or a more experienced dev who’s ready to take your skills to the next level — you’re in the right place! {API} newbies provides practical, no-nonsense guidance to help you use APIs efficiently and make integrating apps a breeze:

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Bring your own language! Are you a Python aficionado, a JavaScript enthusiast, or a C# fan? All modern programming languages support using APIs, so the info here is relevant & useful no matter your language of choice.


I’m Kim Brandl — developer advocate, tech educator, creator of {API} newbies — and I ❤ devs! I’m a top contributor on Stack Overflow, a teacher at heart, and love explaining complex concepts in simple terms.

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Save time with API Cheat Sheets

Working with an API for the first time ever or the first time in a while? Skip the hassle of tracking down developer resources! Use an API Cheat Sheet for instant access to the Dev Center, Dev Account, API Docs, SDKs, code samples, tools, support, and more.

Advanced topics, courses, & more

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Want to learn about advanced topics like OAuth, webhooks, or rate limiting & exponential backoff? Looking for a course that’ll help you hit the ground running with a specific API? Content development is underway for these things and more!

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Let’s go!

Software development languages come and go, but APIs are here to stay. Do your future self a favor by mastering the fundamentals of REST APIs and learning about the tools, best practices, and support resources that’ll have you using APIs like a pro.