Getting Started

Introduction to REST APIs

An API (Application Programming Interface) enables one app to communicate with another. An API exists to receive requests, process data, and return responses.


Tools for working with APIs

When you’re a developer, efficiency is the name of the game. Learn about tools that’ll save you time and effort as you work with APIs.

Getting Help

Getting help when you’re stuck

Run into a problem that you just can’t solve on your own? Learn some options for getting help when you’re stuck.

Getting Started

API Requests

When your app calls an API, it must indicate the type of action it’s requesting, specify the operation it’s calling, and provide the data that the API requires to process the request.

Getting Help

Stack Overflow 101

Never used Stack Overflow before, or haven’t had much luck getting your questions answered there in the past? This post is for you!

Getting Started

API Responses

When an API finishes processing a request, it’ll return a response to indicate the outcome of the operation and provide the data to your app.