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Getting Started
Learn the fundamentals of using REST APIs

Getting Started with APIs

If you’re a new dev or just getting started with APIs, this is the place to begin! Check out the following posts to learn the fundamentals of using REST APIs.

Getting Started

Introduction to REST APIs

An API (Application Programming Interface) enables one app to communicate with another. An API exists to receive requests, process data, and return responses.

Getting Started

API Requests

When your app calls an API, it must indicate the type of action it’s requesting, specify the operation it’s calling, and provide the data that the API requires to process the request.

Getting Started

API Responses

When an API finishes processing a request, it’ll return a response to indicate the outcome of the operation and provide the data to your app.

Getting Started


API requests and responses commonly contain data that’s formatted as JSON. A solid understanding of JSON is a fundamental building block of using APIs.

Getting Started

API Security and Authentication

Learn basic concepts of API security and authentication and explore authentication patterns that you’ll likely encounter when using REST APIs.

Getting Started

Developer Resources

Building a quality API integration starts with knowing how to effectively use Developer Resources like dev accounts, SDKs, and documentation.

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