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I’m currently taking on a limited number of engagements in the following capacities. Interested in working with me? Drop me a note at and I’ll be in touch.

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Having been part of two successful IPO companies in their formative years, I relish the role of API SME. Need an API expert to participate in sales calls or a technical consultant to support customers as they build their API integration — but not quite ready to hire a fulltime sales engineer or technical consultant? I’ll learn the ins and outs of your platform, and be your org’s go-to person for expertise about the API and integration capabilities.

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Developer Advocate

Your product’s API is only as good as its Developer Resources. Looking for someone to create developer-focused content like API docs, technical articles, or blog posts? Or someone who can present to developer audiences at customer trainings or conferences? You choose the forum, and I’ll deliver content that helps developers succeed with your API.

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Dev Coach

When it comes to learning about APIs, having access to personal guidance from an expert can be invaluable. Want to do a deep dive on exploring API requests and responses with Postman? Looking for help getting started with a specific API? You choose the topic and I’ll provide coaching via interactive web meeting(s), in a 1×1 or small group format.

Kim Brandl profile pictureI’m Kim Brandl — developer advocate, tech educator, creator of {API} newbies — and I ❤ devs! I’m a top contributor on Stack Overflow, a teacher at heart, and love explaining complex concepts in simple terms.

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